New Release 

Two new recordings, "Yoga" and "The Law of Desire" are scheduled for release November 25, 2015. Enjoy them throughout the holiday season and beyond.

Depth of Love 

The new single has arrived. Depth of Love Depth of Love features Francine Saltares on lead vocal. Francine, Jay Anderson, and I do the backing vocals and I do the spoken/rap part. Michael Gilboe (Copperhead Production) gets credit for the instrumental track.

Jazz Vocal Project 

Yesterday David Pearl and Laura Kenyon had their first session with the five songs that Drew Paralic and I authored. They identified keys best suited for Laura's vocal range, so now Laura can let the songs work their way into her bones in anticipation of the November recording date.

New Single Soon 

Get set for a new single, The Depth of Love, scheduled for release September 1, 2013.

Jazz Vocal Project 

Jazz composer, Drew Paralic, and I finished five songs that we plan to record in November. We expect to release an EP in 2014.

Happy Thanksgiving 

This Thursday people in the United States will celebrate my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. Celebrating our blessings with family and friends while sharing a meal is an excellent use of time. I wish a happy Thanksgiving to all.

After Sandy 

Superstorm Sandy, also known as Frankenstorm, Slammed New York and much of the US eastern coast last week. My building lost power for over a day, so I got to climb stairs insead of take the elevator. More than a week later some of my friends in New Jersey and Long Island are still without electricity and heat Today another storm hit, bringing the season's first snow. The inclement weather is supposed to continue through tomorrow Helping those in need is an amazing gift, so I salute all the…

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Recently Len Rogers and Tym Moss recorded interviews with me for their radio programs. You can hear my interview with Len at Tym's program is being broadcast at a number of sites from October 20 to 22.

Ash Wednesday 

The frenzy of Carnaval in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil is winding down. Tourists are heading home. Locals are sleeping late and will return to work tomorrow. I have been working on new material. I hope to have my computer fixed soon. I feel lost not having the combination of local files and access to the internet! A technician promises to work on the machine today, so hopefully all will be well soon.


Sadly, today marks the tenth anniversary of the US prison at Guantanamo. The song I composed attempts to make a point from the perspective of a common person caught up in a system of injustice.