1. Waltz

From the recording Waltz

Thanks to Yury Shubov for the lovely string arrangement. http://www.idealensembles.com


In a sequin dress
You danced with the stars,
Brighter than the rest,
Clearly seen from far.

Softer than the mist
On that windless morn,
Your rose petal lips
Met mine so forlorn.

And I learned how to Waltz in new, shiny shoes:
My feet moving one, two, three – right in step with you.

Though my tattered soul
May be wearing thin,
I have never been
Original in sin.

We come from a past
That we can’t undo.
Teach me to forget
How I failed you.

Talk with me and believe love will see us through.
I am waltzing one, two, three – right in step with you.

Let me make a nest.
Cradle in my arms.
Come and take your rest
Oh, so far from harm.