1. Quest

From the recording Quest


Evening … I’m possessed by this feeling,
Heeding the weakening beat of my heart,
Needing liquid. Eternally feeding
A craving that has no end, has no start.

When I saw you first you were sleeping
Deep into the afternoon one dark day.
As you embraced me later that evening
How could I know how much my life would change?

I was once a person who had very simple needs.
‘Most anything was good enough for me.
There must be a million ways to make oneself at ease,
But this blood quest will not set me free.

On mirrors you see I never reflect:
They don’t show the scarlet marks on my neck.
I need protection from stakes that would break through my heart.

Dealing with how you find me appealing
Bleeding from unhealing wounds night and day,
I dream of your lips. They leave me reeling
When your bitter kiss steals my breath away.