1. Static

From the recording Static


You ask me what is new.
I pause for a while, continue to smile…
You know I think it’s true.
I’m not entirely sure,
Since the first moment I set eyes on you,
Didn’t it show? Didn’t you know, too?

I guess I thought you knew.
Then it’s so hard to say.
Words can get in the way.
At least, sometimes they do.
I’m not some kind of freak
Who’s got a dark secret that’s kept out of view.
Didn’t you know? Doesn’t it show too?

A chill gripped that October night
When we met face to face.
After conversation in some god-forsaken place
As you headed underground
We fell into a very brief embrace.
Could it be that each attraction
Holds a bit of mystery?
You were raised on Ebonics and Coke;
I on phonics and tea.
Could Sister Mary Norberta ever imagine
Who I’d grow up to be?

Well, what else could I do?
With a wink and such style you flashed a smile;
I fell in love with you.
Now like static on panty hose
I’m going to cling. I’ll be so close to you.
If you don’t know, I’ll have to show you.

It’s rare to meet a person who has such a subtle grace.
It shows illumination in a glow that charms your face.
If I should find a magic lamp
I’d trade a precious wish for your embrace.
When we two are together
There’s such pleasured energy.
I gaze on diamonds in your eyes
And wonder what you see.
It seems almost impossible
Your shining eyes are smiling just for me.

No, no matter what you do,
And whatever life brings, even arrows and slings,
I’ll be a friend to you.
Like a bird on the wing
On the first day of spring, I’ll sing for you.
Oh, now come close and let me hold you.