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John Raymond Pollard: Links

Simone Sampaio performs a song that Ranulfo Vila Flor and I created
Recorded at the Festival do Inverno, Vitoria de Conquista, Bahia, Brasil
You Tube Videos

Musicians Involved in Recording Projects

Frank Colon
Steve Sandberg
Michael Gilboe
Mike McGinnis
Joe Deninzon
David Acker
Debbie Deane
Francine Saltares
Mary Edwards
Laura Kenyon
Isabella Rose
Brian Drye
Rob Mosher
Jeff Hermanson
Toshio Mana
Elie Massias
Chaim Tolwin
Luciana Spedo
Gabriel Aldort
Jonnathan Peralta
Yury Shubov/Ideal Ensembles


Steve Sandberg
Emmy-nominated composer Steve Sandberg was musical director for "Dora the Explorer" and "Go Diego Go" for Nickelodeon/CBS. He has toured with David Byrne, Ruben Blades, and Bebel Gilberto.
Ranulfo Vilaflor
Singer/songwriter Ranulfo Vilaflor is from Bahia, Brazil. He and I have collaborated on a number of songs, many of which are dance numbers. Our first effort, Be on Your Way, appears on Simone Sampaio's DVD.
Drew Paralic
Drew is a jazz composer and arranger whose melodies inspire! Check out Wintertime Sky to hear a song on which Drew and John collaborated.
Kris Landherr
I heard Kris perform "Bi-Polar Love Affair" when he was part of Black Light Blue. Later I asked his permission to put a Portuguese lyric to the melody and he graciously agreed. The outcome of this effort, Serotonina, appears on my Brasilience album.

21th Street Sessions

Amy Clarke
John Manion
Frank Grimaldi
Gordon Smith
Mary Edwards
Morry Campbell
Morry is a fine singer songwriter who hosts 21st Street Sessions, for songwriters, myself included, who provide feedback and support to one another regarding our work
Paul Alexander
Terry Christopher
Tym Moss

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