From the recording The Star-Spangled Banner

The recording was produced in response to Senate Resolution 458, which was picked up by the house as House Resolution 793. The title as stated in the Library of Congress is "A resolution affirming that statements of national unity, including the National Anthem, should be recited or sung in English." This resolution was passed by the senate by unanimous consent and without amendment. It currently sits before the House Judiciary Committee.
Voices United for America find the proposed resolutions inconsistent with a fundamental American right, free speech. They can also be seen as depreciating the rich and diverse cultural heritage of immigrants, the ancestors of many Americans, who founded, developed, and have defended this nation. The resolutions fail to recognize that one of the country’s greatest strengths is the diversity of the populace.
The creation of this recording was not motivated by partisanship. Through the project Voices United for America exercise our most basic freedoms and demonstrate that people of all backgrounds can work together harmoniously to create a thing of beauty.
Our National Anthem is a powerful and beautiful statement regardless of the language in which it is recited or sung. Immigrants arriving in our country today seek the same freedoms and liberties as did our forefathers. The talents and diversity of people of all backgrounds do not diminish nor destroy American values, rather they add color and texture to the American Portrait.
Singing the Star-Spangled Banner in ten languages, including English, Voices United for America is an ensemble of ten New York area musicians: Chris Andersson, Danny Katz, Dave Hall, John Raymond Pollard, Lydia Greenberg, Michael Gilboe, Stella Wixson, Steve Sandberg, Susana Dé, and Vlada Tomava.


The Translation

O, può darsi lei vede per il spuntar del giorno

Lo que tanto aclamamos lo noche caer.

Vars ränder och stjärnor i en livsfarlig strid,
över vallen vi såg, så tappert än strömmar.

И червени ракети с бомби искрящи в небето
Осветиха ноща гдето флага ни вее се.

Sage mit weht, die sternenbesaete Fahne schon
Ueberm Land der Freien und der Heimat der Mutigen... ahahah

Al-rjaal al-aahraar taHmee beeyuut’haa
Min aath al-harb al aaleem.


Ipaglabang lahat layunin nating tapat
Ang ating gabay: "Magtiwala sa Diyos."

별 빚나는 국기가 개선에 물결친다
자유인의 토지와 용사들 조국전역에

O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?