Fortune is held in one’s hand
Lines cross like roads on the land…
A map of the Americas leading to friends
To people and scenes that renew.
Yes, I remember a few.

Lately I’ve been thinking about people that I knew--
Of times gone by when you and I pledged friendship ever true.

The days by the lake, bellies aching from too much food.
We didn’t believe it should waste,
we got up so early,
alternating exercise and food,
in a hurry to consume.

Lately when I pause to think memories do flow
of how we stopped to feed the bear when setting out for home.

Fine scones at afternoon tea;
harp tones, rose petals, light breeze;
swans float atop the creek – a fine way to be.
We paused heading home crossing Canada —
we paused on our way heading home.

Wandering my mind rewinds to people we have known,
of times gone by when you and I had set out on our own.

A black cat called Mouse in a house set on the west side
of years filled with fears and laughter
your mom, the Mad Hatter;
lots of chatter with our friends as we went round.
At the time it seemed profound.

Lately I’ve been thinking about people I once knew--
of friends and lovers come and gone. I sing this song for you.

Waves break; the shore meets the sea...
Sand dunes, the moon, and palm trees...
I walk along with you, barefoot and free...
Aracajú autumn evening, evening in Aracajú.

Lately I’ve been thinking about a place that I’ve passed through
as I journey on my path I keep it in my view --

Selva – verde, enorme; cupucaçu e açaí--
palavras nitidas, iluminantes
que a floresta canta – canta floresta santa.