1. Life Line

From the recording Life Line


There’s a time
Comes a time
At least once in a lifetime
When everything’s on a roll.
Let it shine – like sunshine in your lifetime.
What you feel, but can’t touch
Slips away if you clutch
A glimmer’s worth much more than gold.
There’s so much love in a lifetime.
There’s so much more when you
Walk down the street,
Smile at people you meet,
And you watch as sweetness unfolds.

Gliding above the clouds in a jet plane
I saw the planet as one
A single cell, a living being
Rocky bones, skin of seas,
Icy caps, arching trees,
And a breath that’s the breeze coursing round.
The web of life informs my life line,
A fine design on a grand tapestry.
I floated at ease
Lacy vapor beneath, light around.