From the recording Not on My Space

More and more media (TV, radio, newspaper, other press, and internet) is in the hands of fewer and fewer corporations. Rupert Murdoch heads the corporation responsible for Fox News, The New York Post (with its famous cartoon of president Obama as a dead chimp), MySpace, and other media around the world. Written in the tradition of a John Lennon song, Not on My Space flips the Goo Goo G'Joob line from I am the Walrus on its head.


Not on My Space
© John R. Pollard

Hey, Mr. Murdock, say, how many trees must die
So you can print your smarmy rags and spread your endless lies?
Was Jimmy’s Foxey Lady a victim of your news?
J' j goo goob. J' j' goo goob.

I got to hand it to you. You got Congress to comply:
Consolidated media that foreigners could buy.
You pay back nutty neo-cons, promoting wars and lies.
J' j' goo goob. J' j' goo goob.

You stake a claim to my space with your methods true and tried.
I just say no; I ain’t yo ho. Your land grab is denied.
Go feed your weeds manure; watch their flowers open wide.
J' j' goo goob. J' j' goo goob.

We can sing and play.
We can sing and play. We can sing and play.
Rome goes up in flames.

Some people have a vision, meanwhile others look cockeyed.
Some people worship Mammon as they push the poor aside.
I sing a song of right and wrong like some John Lennon tune.
J' j' goo goob. J' j' goo goob. J' j' goo goo goo goo goo goob.