1. Quicksand

From the recording Quicksand


On a cold and stormy night
You came to visit me.
Conversation was polite:
You were company.
Finally you said good night
And slipped into the cold
To disappear in the darkness.

I prepared myself for sleep.
And hummed an old pop tune
Then I heard you at the door.
What brought you back so soon?
You had trouble with your car.
You asked to stay the night,
And we lay down for the first time.

A crystal ball held our plans.
The hourglass held quicksand
And as the last grains trickled down
We turned the time piece upside down.

That was how I took you in.
I never made you leave.
It may be our love was blind.
Surely we believed
That we shared a lasting love
And met each other’s needs.
Now you feel aggrieved, dear.

A crystal ball holds our plans.
The hourglass holds quicksand
And as the last grains trickle down
Who’ll turn the time piece upside down? Who?

And our years have brought us tears,
Have brought us untold joy.
Now it seems you’re full of fear and easily annoyed.
You say you don’t know what you want
Or what you plan to do.
We disappear in the darkness.