1. Lies

From the recording Lies


lies are acid rain that beats on panes
of stained glass windows
they cut along the grain
that’s cracked, but frames the flame of Moses
virtual reality layered with complicity
my world recontextualized you can say
I was surprised by...
rust under paint and while we wait
the surface bubbles
railings and a gate wrought iron grate
fate spreading troubles
guarded under lock and key pledges of fidelity
reduced to dust the former trust
the notion us is pulverized by...
lies ...
gunk in a drain the flow constrained
a choking sorrow
slow and so restrained
the sad remains unplanned tomorrow
molasses-like viscosity puts the stop to you and me
what remains not to drain
is the pain and blame that comes with ...
lies ...
are like a train
what’s in a name, but loco-motion
tracks, like junkies’ veins
infused with pain and poison potions
lies, seen in averted eyes, give rise to your stifled sighs,
you may think that it is wise
to feign surprise as you deny... lies …

are acid rain, are like a train, like junkies’ veins,
infused with pain, gunk in a drain, the flow constrained,
a spreading stain, a sad refrain, make one insane,
they’re so inane, frame Moses’ flame, what’s in a name,
say it again …