1. Tended Weed

From the recording Tended Weed

(c) John R Pollard

John Raymond Pollard – voice, acoustic guitar
Alexander Rea – percussion
Michael Gilboe – keyboards
Mike McGinnis – horns


Light of day
Shows the way.
You pull a shade on the truth.

Nighttime drapes
Day in gray
I hear you bay at the moon.

Why do you need
All that you see,
Gluttonous pup stuffed with greed?

Others be damned.
“More!” you demand
And bite the hand that would feed.

Animals kill
And eat their fill,
Taking no more than they need.

King of the hill,
You get a thrill
Each time you see someone bleed.

Thistles stick.
Painful prick.
Do you lick blood from the wound?

Tended weed
Gone to seed,
The earth will swallow you soon.