1. Shelter

From the recording Shelter

(c)John R Pollard

John Raymond Pollard – voice, acoustic guitar
Alexander Rea – percussion
Michael Gilboe – keyboards
Mike McGinnis – horns


Thunderclaps and sheets of rain
have all moved past. It's calm again.
A new day begins,
and we huddle in our shelter.

Forest life begins to stir.
Bird song crescendos. Birds chirp and burst into flight.

Oh, I could take you to paradise.
Let me show you the way:
One way ticket that has no price.
Once arrived, we shall stay.

Hills peak out above the clouds.
Trees reach upwards open, proud.
Come as close as my skin
and I'll take you in to my shelter.

Touch is soft and love is strong:
Our words are tender as we surrender to love.

Come on a journey to paradise.
Let me show you the way:
there’s no greed and no sacrifice.
There’s no need to delay.

The birch, the pine,
the forest scent…invigorating, heaven sent.
By the shore of the lake
where gentle waves break we take shelter.