From the recording After an Apocalypse


After an apocalypse
What is one to do?
One attempts to get a grip
One attempts not to brood.
Everything electric stopped.
But I got the news:
That a major land mass slipped in the sea,
And waves had wiped out all the coastal towns.
It’s dark although no one saw the sun go down.
It all seems so useless.
What are we to do?
We forage for food and for fuel…

And today we feel the cold.
Under ashen skies.
We are human animals
And we strive to survive.
We may not have very long
In this new dark age.
Millennia of knowledge lost; what will be?
From frozen tundra to the Amazon
There must be somewhere mankind can go on.
Now life seems so precious.
My darling, be near.
Let’s make love, take respite from fear.