From the recording Angel Incarnate


I wake to the day in a place far away.
O meu amor…
Peacocks parade in the first rays of day.
Eu te adoro.
Twining vines of passion fruit portray our sweet embrace.
We two are one aglow with sun and grace.

Oh, meu bem, relax in the hammock.
Vacation’s ending. It’s my final day. Come and sway. Come and sway.

Stands of bamboo arch over the road
Posed like elms back home.
I’ll catch a plane and be on my way, I’ll switch from with you to alone.
Like bamboo leaves faced with the breeze,
I tremble at your touch.
We kiss good-bye, you cry, I whisper "hush..."

Overnight above the Atlantic
Our romantic moments start to fade through jet lag… through jet lag.

I wake to the day and I work for my pay.
O meu amor…
Brokers place trades and commuters invade.
Eu te adoro.
Through din and bustle of a hectic day, I think of our embrace,
your treasured kiss, the ache of time and space...