1. At Stake

From the recording At Stake


Clearly I saw there was so much at stake:
A land divided; mad dogs at the gate,
And without Paris there could be no France.
I begged the king; he gave me a chance.
Saint Louis, help me, I prayed
Saint Catherine heard me that day.

I entered battle dressed as a man.
Trusting heaven would send me a plan.

On moldy bread and poor wine we survived.
Voices and visions reached my ears and eyes.
I led the troops with a shrill battle cry,
Victory assured, a gift from on high.
Saint Louis helped me that day.
Saint Catherine, hear me, I prayed.

Women want babies with husbands and rings.
I had much more, then I fell from grace with the king,

Who will not help us. I’ll die at the stake.
The Inquisition has sealed my fate.
They say “unnatural” to dress as a man
Is the tribunal blind to the divine plan?
Saint Louis, help me, I pray.
Saint Catherine, hear me today.

Heaven is calling.
I’ll dance with the flames.
Flesh and blood will be transformed
And ashes will remain.

Beyond the battles of peasants and kings
There is a fiefdom where Seraphim sing.
Watch out. The devil and dragons have wings.
Hush. I hear voices. The archangel sings.

Flames close around me.
Like them I rise.
Yes, I surrender and rise to the sky.