1. Journeyman

From the recording Journeyman


I have traveled through so many towns.
Some are beautiful to see.
People built them up. From all around
crafted detail can be seen.
And the roads reach out;
the lights at night
shine on like a galaxy.
All the trains and planes keep moving on.
I hope they bring you home to me.

I've been journeying throughout my life.
Many wonders have I seen.
And the brightest sight my eyes beheld
were your eyes beaming for me.
Oh, I cry to think of holding you.
I smile remembering a scene--
how your smile can shine for me sometimes.
You're a friend, my love, indeed.

On the road am I like Ulysses
When I feel so alone?
Passing my Skylla and Kharybdis
I am heading home.

Travel weary from my life in town,
when my love won't set me free,
how I hope that you'll be heading home
just to hold me close. Darling,
won't you please reach out and take my love?
Let it shine for you and see
that I love you. I hope that you will find
you choose to share your life with me.