1. Hideaway

From the recording Hideaway


When you taste the first frost of the season,
and the snowflakes fall Thanksgiving day,
will your hearth be safe and warm,
or will your frame shake with the storm?
Will ice chill your bones on cold fall days?

Jack Frost paints in pretty patterned pictures,
framed in windows that will hold your gaze.
Icy crystals shine like jewels.
You fear the warmth; you keep things cool.
Do you hide from sunshine these fall days?

As you fear the sunlight, feel the cold,
to see you who'd believe you held my soul,
my soul...

I live alone. I've always been a dreamer.
I chase illusions even as I sleep.
In my sleep I hold you near,
but like my dreams you disappear.
I wake at night and fail to find you near.

Frost on glass can fashion an illusion.
Do you find that you're a dreamer too?
Do ice structures shelter you
from the things you do not do?
Do you shiver in your hideaway?