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John Raymond Pollard: Lyrics & Listen

Not Clear to Me

(John Raymond Pollard)
September 1, 2009
John R. Pollard
Winter wind is howling ceaselessly,
shivering my bones and chattering teeth.
I am feeling exposed,
wearing emperor’s clothes,
frozen cold, so in need of sleep.

In a dream I wandered pristine streets.
I awakened tangled in my sheets.
I’ve been lost on the stage;
I can’t concentrate.
There are things I’d rather not repeat.
There are things I’d rather not repeat.

When I finally smile at a koan
Or I find the last line for a poem,
I can peek into being.
I know what I’m seeing
is something that I’ve always know.

Something strange is happening to me.
Maybe these emotions need release.
When words won’t engage
pain and anger make rage.
What we see is crippled with belief.

Past charades and window dressing
is a vision most distressing,
smeared with fear and second guessing.
What’s not clear is where it’s heading.

What is it that I’m supposed to see
when they say the truth will set you free?
I open a book;
on a random line I look
and read, "One thing is still not clear to me."
"One thing is still not clear to me."